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Hi! thanks for booking with us.

To secure this booking please pay your first £30 deposit within 3 days of receiving this (if you have not done so already) e-mail, this can be paid via the following link.

As we are very busy, after this period we reopen up the appointment, but if you’re having problems please let me know.


Please bring 4 changes of outfits on the day and we will chose a selection of these to use for the photos.

Below is all information you should need for your shoot and how to find me at my studio If you have any questions at all please let me know and i’ll be happy to help.

What you’ll receive on the day…

With your deposit you’ll receive 4 photos for your portfolio. You’re allowed up to 9 shots in total and you’re given the choice to view and choose any extra photos after your shoot.

A reminder of your first letter.


Please note this letter is for new applicanys. The one off payment of £120.00 will only ever be paid for your first visit, if you are booking for an update, please ignore the below information.

Dani Marin Photography. The Argent Centre, TMA Studio 301B, 60 Frederick Street, Jewellery Quarter, B1 3HS


T 07720 245134

  1. To book and quote reference BKB14 You will receive confirmation of your booking by email once booked.
  2. One off payment of £180 is made in 3 installments: £30 deposit payable upon booking to the appointed studio £30 paid on the day £120 final payment to be made within 30 days from your appointment.
  3.  Once you have your images go to to make this final payment. The agency will then send you a password to log in and upload your new images. Your Bizzykidz profile will then be activated.

This cost includes assessment, photography and your 4 agency photos, which are emailed within 72-hours, with no hidden costs.

If a child is distressed, problematic and the studio are unable to photograph them the session will end immediately and payment you made on the day refunded, with no further charges applicable. The set up payment is not charged yearly!

To give you an idea of what we aim for, please read through the following;


1) Glasses – If your child has to wear glasses all the time, shoot with glasses on. If not then take all shots without glasses, but one full length wearing them to show client. Its best to have a mixture.

2) Hair – Afro and long hair have loose and natural. Our clients need to see what they are working with! We can photograph some with hair up/tied then allow full lengths with hair up as additional images.

3) Make-up – Images should be age appropriate. Clients do not like too much makeup, likewise jewellery to an absolute minimum.

4) Babies – Young babies, nappy shots can be good, but not essential. We will shoot a mixture of shots for you on the day.

5) Re-touching – Rule of thumb is anything that is not going to be there next week then you can remove. Anything that is going to walk in the door of the client they expect to see on the images. So birth marks, freckles etc should stay.

6) Accessories – No hats or anything covering the hair please for shots main shots 1 or 2. You can use accessories in full lengths or in any other additional shots.