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What to bring, and information for your day!

What to bring!

You receive 4 photos with your £60 deposit. You can pay an extra £100 for all of your photos.

After working for 7 years with The BizzyKidz Agency, our quality is of the most bespoke.

1 Photo

  • 1 Edited Photo
  • High resolution included
  • You own the copyright

5 Photos complete your profile

  • Extra 5 Edited Photos
  • High resolution included
  • You own the copyright


  • All Edited Photos
  • High resolution included
  • You own the copyright
How do I apply to join Bizzykidz?

You will need to submit an application using the ‘application’ page. We do not accept postal, or email applications. Should your application be succesful, one of our team will contact you via email, or phone and within 10 days. When our books are closed you are still welcome to apply online and our bookers will take a look when they re-open. If we do not have a place you will be declined; we respond to all applications. We receive a large amount of applications daily, so are unable to offer artists a good enough chance of securing auditions and bookings if we are not select. Our clients also expect to only receive prime candidates from us, so our assessment process has to be thorough. For these reasons we can only hold a certain amount of ‘looks’ for each age group. If you are not accepted first time please give it a few months before trying again as our circumstances may change.

Make an appointment with Bizzykidz Head Office, or an appointed studio.
Make the Agency aware of any other agency they are currently registered with
Ensure their child’s details are kept up to date for clients
Keep the agency informed of all unavailability dates
Understand that internet access is required to be with the agency
Following full registration, the Agency will confirm when your profile is complete and supply a password for you to log in. The Parent will log in within 7 days of Agency confirmation to activate this account and check for any errors.

The Company cannot allow Directory listing costs to be deducted from a Child’s first earning with the Company under normal circumstances. The Agency is not charging a representation fee as that is free; payment is for the work involved in setting up their Talent Directory listing, activation and other related services, i.e. z-cards, licencing, submissions, admin etc and maintaining your listing while registered with the Agency. Appearance in the Directory ensures our clients who access it can see you. Photography, images and assessments when joining are included in the set up cost.
Our commission rate is 30% for photographic & commercial work, with 20% for theatre & stage. Bizzykidz are not sole rep, you can register with more than one agency, we just ask that you notify us of any other agency you’re registered with as a courtesy measure. We will contract our artists on an exclusive basis if confirmed for a major campaign, or role. Signing with more than 2 agencies can become problematic, so bear that in mind and we ask that you list your unavailablity dates on your profile to help us remain professional with our clients.

7) The Parent agrees to keep their child’s profile page up to date with all unavailability dates including examination and holiday dates within their profile and remove them when they have passed, and to check sizes regularly and submit their height regularly on their profile. The agency does not send reminders – web profiles show parents of their child’s status at all times and displays an ‘expired’ sign when images are out of date and need replacing.

The amount of work an artist is booked for would depend on many factors. It is important to understand it is the client and not the agency who chooses the models & talent for their campaigns. No agency can therefore guarantee work and any who do should be avoided.

Some artists are booked regularly, some occasionally, whilst others may not be so lucky. We do however have an extremely high percentage of our children & adults out daily on shoots and auditions and can guarantee that we submit all those to clients when they are suitable and match the brief. We also ensure professional, ethical representation at all times.

We typically receive over 30 briefs a day (including weekends!) so as long as you have up to date photos and sizes you will be seen by our clients. We want our children & adults working as much as they do, that is where we earn our money! Artists can see how many clients have viewed their profile and receive notification when they are submitted for work.

9) Upon receipt of confirmation of payment, the Company will send the Parent a confirmation and password. The Parent must contact the Company if this confirmation email is not received.

10) The parent understands that they are responsible for their page being kept up to date and viewable to clients. Should their page expire, the parent then has 6-months to fully update, after which time they will be permanently removed. In exceptional circumstances and with prior notice, the agency can arrange to put a page on hold and extend the deadline. A child’s profile being dormant for 6-months with out of date with images should be deemed as not wishing to remain with the agency. Once a profile is removed it cannot be replaced, the model will need to reapply. Basic detais are retained on file for those who have featured in campaigns, for us to refer to for repeat usage payments.

i) The parent understands also that they are signing to a Talent Agency who also deal with model work.

11) The Parent agrees to:
a) Ensure that the Child arrives on time for all bookings.
b) Ensure that the Child is accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times during a booking, unless specifically agreed otherwise by the Company.
c) Limit the amount of people attending the booking with the Child.
d) Ensure that their Child behaves in a polite and professional manner during bookings.
e) Contact the Company immediately in the event of the Child’s illness or any other emergency situation that prevents the Child from attending the booking.
f) Ensure the Child attends the booking with clean hair, face, nails and clothing, as per your booking confirmation details.
g) Ensure any job record forms provided by your booker are fully completed on the day and returned to the Agency no more than 3 working days after the booking has taken place.
h) Ensure that they, or their children, do not display poor or rude conduct towards Company staff, other Children, other Parents or Clients. This would include inappropriate correspondence to the agency, or derogatory reference to the agency, agency staff by a parent/child to any third party, in writing or verbally. Breach of this clause will result in immediate removal from the agency system without negotiation.
i) Ensure that all unavailability dates are entered onto their profile without fail and removed when passed.
j) Although we are not a sole representation agency we must insist that any ‘self’ advertising of children on industry websites (KCCP, Casting Networks, Starnow and similar), the child must list Bizzykidz London as their agent and all paid work achieved should be booked through our bookings office as usual.
k) The parent agrees to not contact a client directly under any circumstances, or for any reason.

l) The parent understands that if they are auditioned by a client via Bizzykidz Agency then that job must be handled by Bizzykidz Agency and the parent and/or client cannot liaise directly without agency inclusion. The parent also cannot nominate another agency to handle any resulting booking from that audition, nor can they represent themselves.

m) Not use our images for any other form of promotion, be it private, or via another agency. Any person found to be in violation of this term will be invoiced for £150 copyright purchase; which if not paid within 28 days will result in removal from the agency without negotiation.

Bizzykidz are acting as an Employment Agency. We are an Entertainment Agency that offers Commercial work to all our children. In addition to commercial work children are submitted for photographic model work and at no extra cost, although parents can opt out of model work if preferred. We do not charge for Agency representation, which is why there are no annual fees. The charge is for your Agency Directory Listing & website creation. It will also include all administration charges until the child reaches 18yrs and leaves the agency. When an artist reaches 16yrs they are transferred to the Adult section free of charge. Over 16 yr old applicants should apply to the adult section.

1. Any failure by the Parent to comply with the clauses 7-11 above may result in the Child’s details being removed from the Directory and thus being unavailable to clients.
2. The Parent understands that should they not update their child’s details within the time stipulated, their account will be deactivated. A notice is shown in the child’s profile to show the status of their account. Should the account fail to be reactivated for a period of 6-months then it will be deleted from our system. Parents are able to reactivate their accounts only when providing full updates and within 6-months of deactivation. Deleted children should reapply to the Agency. Should a parent relocate temporarily, the agency can keep the place for a maximum period of 3 months, after which time it is removed.

The parent understands that they must inform the agency of other agencies they are registered to.

Should a parent not repsond to a casting call, or ignore a casting call and are found to attend via another agency without notifying Bizzykidz, or be unavailable without entering the dates on their profile, this will be deemed as breach of terms and failure to comply with this breach twice will result in removal from the Agency.

Should a parent respond to texts, or emails as being unavailable for a casting, or assignment, as a matter of courtesy they should provide a reason for us to relay to the client. To maintain our professional standards with clients the agency cannot represent models who refuse castings, or jobs repeatedly. 3 refusals will result in removal from the Agency.

Parents should check their details monthly for any height changes. If no height changes occur the height update box should still be completed and submitted to bring their details up-to-date. Clients will know the last date of update from when the profile was last accessed so it is very important that parents do this regularly. Unlike other companies, we do not charge yearly fees for our Directory but will not cover IT expenses to create and activate an account. When 6-months has passed the listing will be deemed as not wanting to continue with the agency and permanently deleted. The Agency cannot be expected to keep children on its files who are out of date and cannot work. The parent would have had ample notice to update regularly prior to listing, following listing, a warning when they access their profile and within our Terms agreed and then when deactivated. We therefore do not send an additional warning, or notice of deletion. Once deleted, the child’s details cannot be replaced and they should reapply to the Agency.
3. Should a child be confirmed for a casting, or shoot through Bizzykidz Agency and the parent then decides to terminate their agreement with us and then complete that assignment via another agency, the agency will exercise it’s right to recover the full commission from any fees earned by that child directly from the parent and in accordance with our Terms. A £50 admin charge will also be charged to the artist.

All jobs are different and earnings will depend on the client, campaign and how much, how long and where the campaign is featured.

Average rates are below:

TV Commercial – £180 day rate

Film & TV – £100 (extra) – £150 (day rate)

Photographic – £55-£95 per hour

Additional usage applies to tv commercial and photographic work £560-£28,000, depending on territory and time

Commission is not applied to travel costs. Our agency commission is 30% for photographic & commercial work and 20% for stage and theatre.

The above rates are a guide; the agency will always negotiate for the best rate for a child and to secure the job. The more the child earns, then the more the agency does!

Are Travel Costs Reimbursed?

You are not normally able to claim travel back from castings or shoots. If you do a shoot outside reasonable travel distance to your area then we can claim travel. For any television work the chaperone would get a day rate of between £70-£100.

Most auditions are between 4-7pm for school age children and during the day for those younger. Assignments will mostly be during the day so time out of school may be necessary. It is a professional working industry and our clients shoot times reflect that.

Most of these bookings come in with very short notice, usually the next day. Being available to attend will obviously increase an artist’s chances of success with us.

We would love it if you can make every audition but do realise that parents have work and other commitments of their own. We provide a calendar for you to inform us of holiday dates, or other general unavailability. If you cannot make it after you have confirmed, you must let us know. This will allow us to replace your child with another and give someone else the opportunity whilst not letting our client down.

The agency and client needs to get school permission for shoots held during school hours. Most schools are aware of how the industry is and a performers licence is obtained from your local education department which works with your school. Unless you land a permanent role in a feature film, TV show, or stage production, it will just be the odd day here and there. For permanent roles and touring, private education is always provided. Our bookers handle all licencing on your behalf with the client when the occasion arises.

Outfits- Please bring no more than 6 outfits, keep them fairly casual as we like to see how your kids are on a day to day basis (no tutu’s e.t.c.!) See the slideshow above for ideas!

1) Glasses – If your child has to wear glasses all the time, shoot with glasses on. If not then take all shots without glasses, but one full length wearing them to show client. Its best to have a mixture.

2) Hair – Afro and long hair have loose and natural. Our clients need to see what they are working with! We can photograph some with hair up/tied then allow full lengths with hair up as additional images.

3) Make-up – Images should be age appropriate. Clients do not like too much makeup, likewise jewellery to an absolute minimum.

4) Babies – Young babies, nappy shots can be good, but not essential. We will shoot a mixture of shots for you on the day.

5) Re-touching – Rule of thumb is anything that is not going to be there next week then you can remove. Anything that is going to walk in the door of the client they expect to see on the images. So birth marks, freckles etc should stay.

6) Accessories – No hats or anything covering the hair please for shots main shots 1 or 2. You can use accessories in full lengths or in any other additional shots.

7) Clothing – Please bring no more than 6 outfits and keep them as normal and casual as possible, tutus e.t.c are discouraged. Jeans and t-shirts, nice summery dresses are always great! Feel free to bring a selection and i can help choose the best.

8) Any other questions? Everything you need to know should be on this link: http://www.bizzykidz.com/parentinfo.php

Email me!